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We-Search Pod #01

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Free Publication, issue #01 Unexplained. A magazine that was started back in 2016 but did not get released due to extenuating circumstance.
In this issue

  • Giants
  • Sasquatch sound waves
  • True Stories from the Reverend John Polk
  • ESP Explorers of spirit phenomena
  • Poison in our water
  • A vision not so splendid
  • ISS & UFO encounters
  • Easter Island heads bodies found underground
  • Stargate Reboot

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Available Positions with

  • Article Writers
  • Forum Administrators
  • UFO News Reporter

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The Crew

Get to know us!

Person 1

Evan Sorrell


IT professional with a background in Geology as well as strong interests in Archaeology and the unknown. I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and my own theories on existence. Follow me as I try to unlock the secrets of the universe.

Twitter: @Baristamade

Person 2

Chris Olson


Developer by day, truther by night. Fueled by caffeine and a love for the unknown, I try to bring a little humor into an often heavy subject.

Twitter: @Chris_Olson_

Person 3



Andreese is a passionate writer who loves to travel the world and experience cultures. She believes there is more to life than what we see and dedicates her time to studies these changes and trends.

Person 4


Coming Soon